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    Years before forming their own electronic pop duo, Caroline Shumate and Greg Graves — the two members of The Queen and King — performed together as teenagers in Houston.

    Caroline and Greg started their musical careers as instrumentalists – Caroline playing guitar and drums, while Greg switched between bass and guitar. Together, they toured the country and even gigged overseas, supporting solo artists and bands.

    That changed during the summer of 2014, when the two gave up their jobs as sidemen and began brewing up some club-friendly songs of their own. The duo began taking on new, unexplored roles.

    Growing up learning mostly on string instruments, Greg began to experiment with drums and production, while Caroline focused on vocals and songwriting. Growing more comfortable in their new roles, The Queen and King formed.

    TQK’s first EP, Cavities, expresses a left-of-center pop sound. The songs offer up both hooks and heft with driving melodies that are somehow bright amidst weighted lyrics. Filled with a culmination of processed instruments and vocal-focused production, Cavities sounds digital and human at the same time – with The Queen and King taking pointers from artists like Tove Lo, Lights, and Ellie Goulding.

    “On the surface, it seems like fun pop music,” says Caroline. “But when you dig in, it’s got some meat to it. It’s high-energy dance music, but there’s a lot of heart. Our music is versatile. When you’re out having fun and dancing with your friends, or when you’re feeling down and need reassurance that it’s going to be alright – we strive to create music that wants to be celebrated in good times and bad.”

    Cavities is the first step toward a longer career for The Queen and King that is already in full upswing. The duo have a new EP in the works, this time produced by Kyle Dreaden (Ugly Kids Club, Thrillers, Totem) and longer tours on the horizon. Stay tuned.



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