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    “When it comes to his music, Sean Earle has many titles. He is a pianist, a vocalist, a performer, a songwriter, a producer, an engineer, an A&R representative, and everything in between. At the young age of 24, this Romeo, Michigan native already has much experience when it comes to the music business. Sean Earle had never written a song with lyrics before the age of 18. Now, only a few years later, he considers himself–first and foremost– a songwriter. He understands how to shape a melody that will stick with you long after hearing it. Because of this, his songs have quickly gained him recognition throughout the Detroit area music scene. After releasing 2 albums (along with countless other demos), Sean is also rapidly becoming known for his unique approach to lyrics. With the release of 2 albums already for this young arist, Earle is a force to be reckoned with within the pop music industry. Outside of his Pop/Top 40 chops (demonstrated on his albums), Sean Earle is a proficient writer and producer within the genres of Rock, Hip-Hop/R&B, Country, Christian and Soul. Sean has received writing credit with multiple outside artists. Sean not only proves himself as a songwriter, but has a live performance to match. He has proved his ability to connect with an audience through music and convert curious spectators to lifetime fans. Sean is continuing to see a very wide range of individuals attending his shows. As an artist, he has held true to this belief: The one thing that will always defy genres and music stereotypes is a combination of great lyric, melody and vocal delivery. Many in the Michigan area believe that Sean Earle’s music proves that to be true.



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