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    Kelly Blonde is an up and coming songstress from Campbell, CA. She began singing at 3 years old, sitting in with her mom & dad’s wedding band. After high school she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her passion by studying at the L.A. Music Academy. Immediately after graduating she was hired as a background vocalist for Columbia Records artist, Coheed And Cambria. After touring the world and playing some of the worlds most prominent venues and festivals (Madison Square Garden, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Bamboozle Festival), she moved to Hollywood to record her own material. One of her most exciting shows was opening for her long-time idols, Hanson at the Anaheim House of Blues. Her sound is a fun, poppy mix of her influences including Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Carrie Underwood, and Fleetwood Mac.

    Kelly on what she wants to accomplish: “I want to resonate with anyone who has grown up feeling unworthy. The girls who got made fun of by asshole boys in school. The girls who were never the “pretty” ones or got all the attention growing up. The ones that were bullied and got their hearts broken before their hearts were even fully formed. I grew up feeling like an ugly duckling. The only time I didn’t feel invisible is when I was singing. I’ve struggled with self esteem issues my whole life and the thing that has gotten me through is looking up to strong female artists like Gwen Stefani and Pat Benatar. Artists that have pulled through all the bullshit and told the boys, the critics, the naysayers to eff off. I want to do for other people what my idols did for me, which is to write songs that show both vulnerability and strength. Songs that will pull someone through that one night when they’re hurting so badly that they don’t think they’re gonna make it. Those songs have literally saved my life so I just hope I can pay that forward someday.”



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