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    Jordan Gable

    “Nashville, Tennessee might have bragging rights as the heart of country music, but that’s definitely not the only sonic scene blossoming down south. In fact, there’s a whole slew of emerging indie pop artists prepping to break out, and Jordan Gable is leading the way. The Ohio native blends his guitar and vocal backgrounds into easygoing pop melodies that are so smooth and effortless, you can’t help but sway along. With a Jason Mraz-meets-Eric Hutchinson-meets-Matt Nathanson vibe, his sound feels comfortable and familiar, with a touch of excitement (sort of like that bar you can always count on to be fun). And lucky for you, we have the sweetest way to cruise into your Tuesday morning with his new single “In My Head.” Inspired by his recent experience in Nashville—including breaking free from a restrictive record contract—we’ll bet you $10 you’ll love this track, no matter where you live.” – Nylon Magazine



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