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    Grace Weber

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, Grace is currently based in Brooklyn and is about to release her self-defining second album, The Refinery. Often labeled an “old soul,” Grace’s music is grounded in powerful soul, roots and gospel sounds, with her voice and songwriting as the centerpiece. “While I’ve always known myself as a singer and performer, it wasn’t until I began songwriting that I really started to know myself as an artist. I spent two years writing for the new album and in the end, I picked the songs that resonated most with me and my listeners. I didn’t want this record to be perfect, I wanted to it to be real. I’m naming the record The Refinery because I look at my journey as an artist over the past two years being a refinement in a lot of ways. My refinement, though, was a gritty, darker, dirtier process, one that taught me a lot more about myself and about the deeper parts of my essence. The definition of “refinery” is to convert raw materials into something of value. For my music, I’m trying to convert the rawness of my history and who I am into something of emotional value. I can’t wait for the world to hear this record.”



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