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    “If it isn’t epic, throw it out.” This was the mantra that Andy Wildrick and I adopted as we wrote and recorded our debut EP for Fast Astronaut. We wanted to craft a sound that would be big enough to fill stadiums and personal enough to engage listeners on an individual level. We wanted a modern sound that was the same but a little bit different.

    The music is a hybrid of synthetic and organic sounds. Andy and I grew up on mostly classic rock, but we wanted to stand on the shoulders of giants and put a modern twist on what our favorite bands of yesterday had created. We enlisted the incredible creative talents of Sam Rees, Chris Birch (The Junior Varsity), Tim Moore (The Graduate), Nick Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter), Mike Tynan, and Jonathan Rodriguez to help bring our vision to life.

    Fast Astronaut started at night in a dorm room at American University in Washington, D.C. Andy and I found our musical connection when we sat down and wrote “Not Like That.” It was that night that we realized we had a vision for something. We continued to write until we had so many good ideas that we were like a dam about to burst, and we decided to bring the vision to life in the form of an EP in the summer of 2013. Fast Astronaut is currently operating in Nashville, TN with John Schaffer on drums.



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