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    No Dry Country

    Led by Trent Langford, No Dry County carries the torch for a new generation of young artists traveling the circuit here in Texas. It’s country and americana music infused with classic rock and roll, then left to simmer, filling the room with the sound of success. It’s heartfelt music filled with lyrics about real life, real places and real people. It’s the kind of music that everyone can relate to.. Comprised of lead singer Trent Langford, and backed by a host of talented musicians, including Mitchell Rambo, Monte Ebeling, and Matt Newsom, No Dry County is “paying dues” as they say and rapidly gaining popularity.


      After just a short time together, EDM producer Matthew Settle and Detroit native Michelle Parish blend an array of genres creating the smooth and seductive essence that is to be known as Kudlow. The duo will take you on a journey into a deepened dark dream world that evokes curiosity and intrigue. Kudlow is putting the finishing touches on their debut LP, to be released later this summer. In the mean time, we are treated to few selections of their talent. Their single Only Human has received over 60K plays already, and shows that Kudlow has no intention of slowing down. The track itself is simple, to the point, and catchy as any pop track circulating the airwaves should be. Michelle’s voice shines through the ever addicting hook, singing “But I still bleed, I’m only human” in an incredibly sultry fashion making the simplicity of this tracks structure one fully rounded beautiful sound. With the face of pop music on a commercial scale shifting the way it has in recent years, the time for Kudlow’s niche market is here. With the likes of artists such as Lorde, Banks, and EDM centric pop taking a more urban route in production, Kudlow fits right in with any of these industry heavy weights. It is only a matter of time and exposure until Kudlow sees recognition in the same light as their more famous musical equals. Check out some of the sultry offerings from Kudlow on their Soundcloud page, and be sure to show them some love as we await a full length debut album from the Nashville based duo.

      Maggie Lindemann

      For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a little bit about yourself!
      My name is Maggie Lindemann. I’m 16 years old, I live in Los Angeles, and I love to sing. And I have a dog named Moose 🙂

      How did you first get started and interested in music?
      My parents exposed me to a variety of music when I was young. We went to musicals and I loved them. Ever since I was little I’ve always loved to sing. I sang in school choir, I was in a musical, I was in my church choir. Stuff like that kept me wanting to do more. I also sang in a school talent show and loved being on stage in front of people, it was such a good feeling. Music is everything so I’m so grateful I get to be doing this.

      How would you describe your music?
      It’s kind of a dark pop/hip-hop. It’s music you can really relate to.

      What can we expect from your upcoming single and EP?
      It’s definitely not what people are expecting at all. It’s gonna be dope. I’ve been writing/recording/demoing for the last couple of months and there’s a lot of demos floating around behind the scenes. The studio is my second home right now and I’m excited to share what I’ve spent so much time creating.

      Who are your biggest musical influences?
      Miley Cyrus, Banks, Spooky Black

      What is your current favorite song?
      White Crime by Lil Dicky

      You have a significant social media following! How have you grown your fan base and what tips do you have for other artists trying to increase their social media following?
      I started posting covers on my instagram because every once in a while I get a bit of free time in the studio. Instead of watching TV, or sitting on YouTube, I’d go into the live room with my producer and record a cover for my fans. At the end of the day I would not be here without them, so I want to make sure I’m always communicating and giving them something to enjoy. On top of that I’d say just be yourself. Don’t fake it. When people see someone being who they are and being confident, they attach themselves to it. People enjoy following confident, fun people.

      What are your favorite things to do in your free time?
      I honestly like to watch 90210 in the bath when I get bored. It’s so relaxing lol

      What are your goals as an artist?
      To get my music out there as much as I can right now and make something people will really enjoy.

        Struan Shields

        Struan Shields is a songwriter living in Nashville, TN. Check out his bio video to learn how to say his name and why he writes songs.

          Marshall Cunningham

          Marshall Cunningham is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. Check out the music video for his new single, “That Good Feelin'”.


            Allison Clarke

            Allison Clarke is a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN with a focus on contemporary Christian songwriting. Her six-song EP is available for free download HERE on noisetrade.com.

              Global mission work is very close to our hearts here at A&R Ready, so we are happy to share this beautiful song, “Release”, by Sophia Maxwell. The debut single was inspired by Sophia’s trip to Uganda, and you can see photos and video footage from her trip in the lyric video. Nashville artist Aaron Krause, who we have previously featured, produced the song.

              All proceeds from the sales of “Release” on iTunes go to Raise the Roof Academy in Uganda.

              Learn more about Raise the Roof Academy here:

                EX NATIONS

                Ex Nations began with an informal co-write between vocalist and guitarist Josh Reich (ex Foreverisforever) and guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist John Kendall Royston (ex The Bigger Lights). The results from the session were so positive that the two decided to turn it into a project, adding Dan Mineart (ex Bigger Lights) on bass and Taylor Hughes (ex Car Party) on drums to round out the group. Ex Nations is currently working on their debut EP and plan to release in the early summer of 2015.

                  With the release of their debut EP, Future Thieves, comprised of Elliot Collett (vocals and rhythm guitar), Gianni Gibson (drums), Nick Goss (bass), and Austin McCool (lead guitar), are one of Nashville’s most exciting emerging acts. The American rock band, formed in the fall of 2013, can trace their beginnings to Collett’s previous endeavors playing an Americana/blues style focused around his singer/songwriter mentality. After moving to Nashville, Collett teamed up with McCool and Goss to form a sound influenced by classic and big indie rock. Gibson then joined the four and meshed immediately as the group began rehearsing and writing.The band’s instrumentation is written collectively, while Collett spreads his melodies and storytelling across the tracks. Future Thieves brings a big indie rock/americana sound with a powerful rhythm section, fresh guitar melodies, and singer/songwriter style vocals. Future Thieves released their debut EP in 2014, and are currently recording the follow-up full-length. Check out their website: www.futurethievesmusic.com


                    Washington DC band Medlow came into their own with their self titled Full length album “Medlow” last year. Now listen to their latest single “I Don’t Want You”. With inspirations like New Wave greats Depeche Mode and more recent contemporaries CHVRCHES and M83, MEDLOW are positioning themselves in an exciting genre with an impressive entry.