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    20-year-old, American pop singer/songwriter Miles Wesley, was born in Marble Falls, TX on April 17, 1997 and is one of music’s exciting new phenoms.

    Miles discovered his love of music and singing at a very young age. His tones are influenced by growing up listening to his dad’s Journey records and imitating Steve Perry. It was his first performance in the 1st grade as a soloist for his Christmas concert when he knew he wanted to sing for a living.

    After success singing covers on Youtube and Soundcloud, Miles Wesley continued to develop his musical talent and mastering his craft in the studio. His sound is an informal characteristic of pop with an urban undertone. Now that Miles has found his own distinctive style, he is ready to share his music with the world.

    Miles was featured as a contestant on ABC’s Boy Band.

      “My name is Abbi Love, and I am fourteen years old. I am from Aurora, Indiana, a small town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

      When I was five, I began taking piano lessons, which kick-started my love for music. Then, I began writing and recording songs when I was nine, which is when I realized that music is my passion. My genre of music is pop/soul.

      I am so excited because for the past several months, I have been working on my first single entitled
      “Keys and Ivories” which I co-wrote with another artist. You can find “Keys and Ivories” on iTunes along
      with my other single “Partners in Crime.””

      -Abbi Love


        Justin Klump is an American singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Washington whose accessible folk-pop comes directly from the heart. This ability to craft catchy, sincere songs have garnered comparisons to James Taylor, Passenger and Damien Rice, and recently a nod as one of music’s “Top 8 Emerging Artists” (Kings of A&R). In less then five years, Justin independently released three albums, logged more than 100,000 miles performing across America and earned national media attention. In 2012, Justin released the album Sticks & Stones, which debuted in the top 10 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart. He has been featured by American Songwriter, SIRIUS XM’s The Coffeehouse, iTunes, among others. Justin’s upcoming album, Justin Klump, will be released this May.

          Feels is an electro-pop group formed by singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and producer Jooel Jons. They describe their music as epic, gripping and toned with northern melancholy.

            Rachel Pearl

            Rachel Pearl hails from Bowling Green, KY where she grew up with music. Her mother is a popular blues singer from that area and her great Uncle Bill has played at Woodstock and made music all over the world. She moved to the Nashville area in 2000 to learn more about herself and music. She travels the US with her ukulele and guitar singing original jazzy tunes, Top 40 hits, and jazz standards.

              Years before forming their own electronic pop duo, Caroline Shumate and Greg Graves — the two members of The Queen and King — performed together as teenagers in Houston.

              Caroline and Greg started their musical careers as instrumentalists – Caroline playing guitar and drums, while Greg switched between bass and guitar. Together, they toured the country and even gigged overseas, supporting solo artists and bands.

              That changed during the summer of 2014, when the two gave up their jobs as sidemen and began brewing up some club-friendly songs of their own. The duo began taking on new, unexplored roles.

              Growing up learning mostly on string instruments, Greg began to experiment with drums and production, while Caroline focused on vocals and songwriting. Growing more comfortable in their new roles, The Queen and King formed.

              TQK’s first EP, Cavities, expresses a left-of-center pop sound. The songs offer up both hooks and heft with driving melodies that are somehow bright amidst weighted lyrics. Filled with a culmination of processed instruments and vocal-focused production, Cavities sounds digital and human at the same time – with The Queen and King taking pointers from artists like Tove Lo, Lights, and Ellie Goulding.

              “On the surface, it seems like fun pop music,” says Caroline. “But when you dig in, it’s got some meat to it. It’s high-energy dance music, but there’s a lot of heart. Our music is versatile. When you’re out having fun and dancing with your friends, or when you’re feeling down and need reassurance that it’s going to be alright – we strive to create music that wants to be celebrated in good times and bad.”

              Cavities is the first step toward a longer career for The Queen and King that is already in full upswing. The duo have a new EP in the works, this time produced by Kyle Dreaden (Ugly Kids Club, Thrillers, Totem) and longer tours on the horizon. Stay tuned.

                Kyler Daron is an independent, folk/rock artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally hailing from Boise, Idaho, he quickly relocated to Nashville to study Music Business and Audio at Belmont University while also focusing on writing and performing. His first EP “Ellie” was released earlier this year, but Daron’s most recent EP “Whispers in the Woods,” mixed by Paul Moak of the Smoakstack, has gained the most traction. The EP contains six introspective songs featuring guitar, cello, and soulful vocals. Daron has competed in Belmont University’s famous Rock Showcase series, played several full band shows around town, and has received praise from producers, synch licensing companies, and fans alike.

                  Known for her soulful vocals, authentic lyrics, and natural runs, singer, songwriter, and musician Audrey Burtraw is an up and coming soul pop artist with a knack for writing songs you just can’t get out of your head. She plays a southpaw-strung guitar and can improvise on the keys to just about any song. Born and raised in the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, she grew up listening to a lot of Motown influenced music. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee studying songwriting at Belmont University. Audrey is in the process of writing and recording her first EP, with hopes that her music and her story will inspire others. She has a heart for helping people, an undying passion for music, and believes that she will always be a work in progress. Audrey has signed a single song contract with SNG Music LLP for her original song “You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything”. You will hear that song along with many others at all her upcoming shows.

                    Hi, I’m Struan (rhymes with chewin’, autocorrects to Syrian). I’m a Virginia native and have lived here all of my life, apart from playing hooky a few times from the University of Virginia to write songs and park cars in Nashville. If you watch TV, you may have heard a few of my songs before. During my time in music city and in college, I’ve begun to care less and less about notoriety and more about telling the truth about my experiences through meaningful stories; hopefully they ring true for you too. It’s impossible to reduce everything that has influenced my songwriting merely to musicians. These are some of the people and things that have found their way into my songs: Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, All The King’s Men, Gone With the Wind, my dad’s love for the American Civil War, my mom’s steel string I wrote my first song on, my older brothers’ time in the Army, and guys that try to date my little sister. Thanks for listening!

                      Laura Reed

                      South African born, Nashville and NC based singer/songwriter Laura Reed has become a global success story with her seductive, signature vocal style, her thought-provoking lyricism, and powerhouse live presence; But the insightful artist feels like she’s truly arrived with the release of her acclaimed, aptly titled solo debut album, The Awakening. Journeying to Nashville to make the pivotal album, she credits the connective creative energy of Music City and a close working relationship with the album’s producer, two- time Grammy winner, Shannon Sanders (India.Arie, John Legend, Robert Randolph) with instilling the necessary focus to turn such personal stories into universally themed gems that resonate with the listener from start to finish. Laura’s magnetic versatility shines through on The Awakening, with gems like the empowering “Struggle,” or the upbeat “Wake Up,” which has been featured on VH1’s hit show ‘Hollywood Exes’ and the Alicia Keys indie film endeavor ‘The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.’ “Wake Up” is also currently in rotation at Nashville based radio station, Lightning 100. The unsparing ‘Wolves’ also reflects Laura’s ‘world music’ roots, where her almost indiscernible Latin scat flows seamlessly into a neo-soul-themed cautionary lyric about staying true to one’s self. Best known, previously, as the front woman of the south eastern/jam-based funk band Laura Reed and Deep Pocket, she tabled the funk/Reggae-informed shadings for a more intimate but accessible exploration on The Awakening. Laura’s savvy musical chops and years of working-band experience also served her in crafting the cornerstone album of her career. She has been joined by some stellar singers and musicians on multiple past projects, including George Clinton, Killer Mike, Dumpstaphunk, Karl Denson, Robert Randolph, The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown and Jewel. She’s also shared stages with a star-studded list of artists including Mali Music, India.Arie, Miguel, Daley, Valerie June and Anthony Hamilton, among others. She was recently invited to perform at New York’s famous Madison Square Garden to sing the National Anthem, wowing fans with the breadth of her astonishing vocal command and range. In December 2014, Laura opted to release “The Awakening” on her very own label entitled “FIVE FOOT GIANT RECORDS”. The year also saw Laura receive the NIMA (Nashville Independent Music Association) Award for “BEST R&B SOLO ARTIST 2014” and an endorsement from Lee Oskar Harmonicas. Drawing comparisons to seminal female vocalists such as Lauryn Hill, India.Arie, and Amy Winehouse, she is proud of how only the strongest musical efforts won the day in making The Awakening. “It’s funny, for making a solo album – I really did check my ego at the door,” she admits. “I’m a singer who is never shy about her opinions. What’s great about Nashville is everyone has a unique idea about each song. The ideas that stuck were the best ideas, and that comes through on every song on the album.”